Contoocook Valley Radio Club

Business Meeting

Sept. 24th,2002




Officers present; Shawn Upton, President Donald Curtis, Secretary


Members in attendance were Lee Scott AA1YN, John Moore KB1CSI, Dale Clement AF1T, Al Bardwell NS1O.


Dale Talked to Chip Taylor,W1AIM about a presentation at the October meeting on weak signal vhf/uhf.

We will be reimbursing him for his travel expenses.


We also will be holding nominations for 2003 officers at the October meeting.


November activities will include election of officers followed by a 10 gig demonstration by Lee Scott, Al Bardwell, Dale Clement and Jerry Blanchard.


Anyone interested in assisting with JOTA activities during the 3rd week in October contact Rob Hoyt.


Upcoming events were discussed including having speakers at the CVRC hamfest in March. Suggestions were

Dave Olean K1WHS and Chip Taylor W1AIM. The tentative date is Sunday,March  16th,2003.


The January meeting speaker is yet to be determined. If anyone has any ideas please contact one of the officers.


We held discussions on compensation for the flea market speakers and forming a flea market committee and getting Ted Everett W1ALE to speak on the early days of amateur radio and a history of the 146.940 repeater.


Respectfully submitted;

Donald Curtis Secretary